Détecteur d'images générées StendhalGPT Gogh

StendhalGPT Gogh is an AI image detector designed to assess the authenticity of images on the Internet Midjourney, Dall-E.

StendhalGPT is accessible only for personal or even associative but non-profit use. For commercial or profit use please contact us.

StendhalGPT Gogh


Our tool is freely accessible without prior registration conditions.


We can handle most popular image files.


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Identify tampering with online documents and images

Identify fake news and fraudulent sources

How StendhalGPT Gogh maintains digital integrity?

The detection of AI-generated images has become a crucial issue in our digital age, where misinformation and manipulation are ubiquitous. StendhalGPT Gogh offers a cutting-edge solution to help online security professionals and content analysts maintain digital integrity by distinguishing real images from AI-generated imitations.

StendhalGPT Gogh AI image detection deepfake detector to maintain digital integrity
generated image detector

Powerful features for generated image detection

StendhalGPT Gogh is an indispensable tool for AI-generated image detection, delivering unprecedented accuracy through its pixel convolution technique. Whether it's fighting misinformation on social media, identifying fake online profiles or verifying the authenticity of images in legal contexts, this platform is a great ally in maintaining digital integrity.

The dangers of image generation

The dangers of using AI-generated images are many and varied. Fake social media profiles can use generated images to deceive users and gather personal information. The images generated can also be used to create disinformation online, by modifying existing images to create a false reality. In the legal field, manipulated images can distort evidence and compromise justice. Therefore, being able to identify AI-generated images is critical to protecting users online and maintaining digital integrity.

deepfake detector
fake image detector

Image detection use cases

StendhalGPT Gogh is a powerful AI content detection tool designed to assess the authenticity of content by distinguishing between human-authored and AI-generated content, such as Midjourney and Dall-E. It offers a multitude of use cases, whether you are a researcher, journalist, content editor, or marketing manager. You can use it to verify the provenance of sources, examine contributions submitted by third parties, verify the authenticity of testimonials or product reviews, or even maintain the quality and authenticity of exchanges on your website. With StendhalGPT Gogh, you can be sure that you are working with authentic content and maintaining the credibility of your publications.

StendhalGPT Gogh: The solution for detecting deepfakes and AI-generated images

Detection of AI-generated images is now possible thanks to StendhalGPT Gogh. This must-have tool leverages its revolutionary pixel convolution technique to deliver unparalleled accuracy in detecting AI-generated images. Whether you want to fight misinformation on social media, identify fake online profiles, or verify the authenticity of images in a legal context, this platform is your ideal ally in preserving digital integrity.

fake image detector
open laptop on a desk
fake image detector

The risks associated with AI image generation

The risks of using AI-generated images are many and varied. Fake social media profiles can use generated images to deceive users and collect personal information. AI-generated images can also be used to create misinformation by altering existing images and fabricating false realities. In the legal field, manipulated images can distort evidence and compromise justice. It is therefore crucial to identify AI-generated images to protect online users and preserve digital integrity.

Deepfake Detection: Maintain Integrity Against Manipulated Visual Media

StendhalGPT Gogh's deepfake detection capabilities allow you to identify and mitigate the risks associated with manipulated visual media. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, this powerful tool helps you spot deepfake videos and images, thereby preserving the authenticity and trustworthiness of visual content in various fields such as journalism, research and marketing.

fake image detector
fake image detector

Fake Image Detection: Preserving Authenticity in Digital Content

StendhalGPT Gogh allows you to preserve the authenticity of digital content by distinguishing between human-created and AI-generated content, including works produced by popular AI models such as Midjourney and Dall-E. Whether you're a researcher, journalist, content editor, or marketing professional, this versatile tool meets a multitude of use cases. You can use it to verify the credibility of sources, evaluate third-party contributions, authenticate testimonials or product reviews, and ensure the quality and authenticity of interactions on your website.

An idea in mind?

To know more about our product, do not hesitate to contact us now. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and show you how StendhalGPT can help you.

Is StendhalGPT Gogh easy to use for beginners?

Yes, StendhalGPT Gogh is easy to use, even for beginners. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

How does StendhalGPT Gogh detect AI-generated images?

StendhalGPT Gogh uses a pixel convolution technique to analyze and identify computer-generated images. This method allows the platform to distinguish real images from AI-generated imitations with unprecedented accuracy.

What types of images can StendhalGPT Gogh detect?

StendhalGPT Gogh can detect a wide variety of computer-generated images, including computer-generated images, images created by neural networks, images generated by GAN and many others.

Can StendhalGPT Gogh be used for online security tasks?

Yes, StendhalGPT Gogh can be used for online security tasks, such as detecting fake profiles on social networks or verifying the authenticity of images used in criminal investigations.

Can StendhalGPT Gogh help fight misinformation online?

Yes, StendhalGPT Gogh can help fight online misinformation by detecting manipulated images used to spread false or misleading information.

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