Les cyber-attaques dopées à l'ia by StendhalGPT Security

Talleyrand 1: Against phishing

Talleyrand 1 is a sophisticated learning model based on a neural network with 14 million parameters, specially designed to detect and identify fraudulent and usurping domain names. Its objective is to prevent any attempted cyber-attack against the victim by reporting the malicious domain names detected. More efficient than a blacklist, the neural network is trained using machine learning to ensure accurate and reliable detection performance.


Davout is a next-generation antivirus model based on machine learning and enhanced deep learning. It is designed to prevent the execution and spread of viruses on a computer by using advanced malware detection and removal techniques. With its sophisticated algorithm, Davout is able to learn from its experiences and quickly adapt to new threats to provide state-of-the-art protection.


Moulin is an application that offers a simple and effective solution for encrypting and decrypting files. With a user-friendly interface, Moulin makes data security accessible to everyone. Whether you need to protect sensitive documents or decrypt secure information, Moulin offers state-of-the-art encryption while remaining easy to use. Its sleek design and clear functionalities make Moulin the tool of choice for anyone who wants to secure their files in a simple and efficient way.


Talleyrand 1 is an advanced learning system based on a neural network composed of 14 million parameters. Its main purpose is to detect and recognize malicious and misleading domain names. Designed specifically to prevent cyberattacks, Talleyrand 1 identifies and flags harmful domain names. His method goes beyond simply using a blacklist, leveraging the capabilities of machine learning to ensure accurate and reliable detection. 

Gogh X (coming soon)

Discover Gogh X, the tool that transforms your photos into real works of art thanks to its incredible style transfer capability. Whether you want to give your images the iconic touch of great master painters or create unique compositions, Gogh X offers you a captivating artistic experience. With its intuitive interface and adjustable settings, unleash your creativity and let Gogh X bring your boldest ideas to life. Immerse yourself in the world of digital art with Gogh X and discover endless possibilities to express your artistic vision.

If you are interested or want to know more about our IT security solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, do not hesitate to contact us!

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