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StendhalGPT Gogh

StendhalGPT Gogh is an auto-generated image detection tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms, including pixel convolution, to analyze images and determine their authenticity. By analyzing the unique characteristics of each pixel in the image, StendhalGPT Gogh can detect images that are automatically generated or altered by photo editing tools. By detecting automatically generated images, StendhalGPT Gogh can help companies build user trust in the brand and prevent image manipulation practices.

StendhalGPT Text

StendhalGPT Text is an AI detector that uses natural language processing algorithms to analyze different texts and determine their similarity based on other corpora. By using multidimensional vectors, StendhalGPT can determine whether a text was automatically generated or written by a human.

Stendhal GPT Code

Identify programs and computer codes generated by artificial intelligences thanks to the advanced technology of StendhalGPT Code. Whether for the most common programming languages or specific languages, this technology allows you to detect and analyze computer code resulting from artificial intelligence. Explore the features of StendhalGPT Code and ensure the quality and security of your AI-generated programs.

StendhalGPT Security

Protect yourself against new cyber threats powered by artificial intelligence. Whether it's phishing emails, spam text messages or computer viruses, it's essential to take security measures to prevent online attacks. Find out how to effectively protect yourself against these emerging threats and keep your data and devices safe.

StendhalGPT Sources

We attach great importance to ensuring that source generation is done in a way that properly informs the public and not misinforms them. This is why StendhalGPT Sources is responsible for helping researchers, journalists and students to verify and cross-check their sources, whatever their subject, by examining their origins (written or generated) as well as their veracity (founded or not), using all open sources available on the Internet.


The Vision app is a revolutionary app that uses artificial intelligence to simplify our shopping experience. It allows users to take a photo of an object, be it a bottle, a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture or any other item, in order to instantly obtain precise information about it.

  1. Source Verification : We use sophisticated algorithms to analyze and verify the sources of the information provided. Our state-of-the-art technology identifies trusted and trusted sources, ensuring content is based on credible, quality information.

  2. Origin Traceability : Our platform records and maintains information about the origin of content. This makes it possible to trace the origin of the information and to guarantee its authenticity. Users can access this information to verify the legitimacy of content.

  3. Validation of Information : We undertake to verify the accuracy of the information before publishing it. Our AI performs automated checks to detect any factual errors, inconsistencies or misleading content. This helps to maintain a high level of quality and reliability in the content offered.

  4. Image Control : We implement control mechanisms to ensure that images used in content are legitimate and respect copyrights. We perform automatic checks to detect manipulated or misleading images, helping to maintain brand integrity.

  5. Algorithm Transparency : We are transparent about the algorithms used to evaluate and certify content. We explain the methods and criteria used to ensure the quality and reliability of the content offered. This allows users to understand the certification process and trust the results obtained.

  6. Collaboration with Experts : We work in collaboration with experts in different fields to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content. These experts bring their expertise to validate the information provided, adding an extra layer of reliability to the certified content.

  7. Reporting System : We encourage users to report suspicious or non-compliant content. We promptly address these reports and take appropriate action to investigate and rectify the situation. This helps maintain a safe and reliable environment for users.

  8. Continuous improvement : We are committed to constantly improving our content certification system using user feedback, technological advancements and industry best practices. Our goal is to provide superior service and ensure user confidence in the content offered.